Benelli M4 Legal in California 2021

It is my personal opinion, not a legal opinion, but my opinion for your consideration that, because the law does not mention any type of inventory pinning and the law does not mention that the stock is allowed if a tool is needed to make an adjustment, that it is a crime and constitutes a violation under the AWB CA. So, my thoughts are: Having a foldable stock of your gun in California is illegal and violates California`s ban on assault weapons. VERY IMPORTANT: My thoughts ARE IN NO WAY LEGAL ADVICE – these are just my thoughts on this subject. I recommend that you consult a competent firearms lawyer if you are seeking legal advice or have any other questions. I thought about taking my Benelli M4 with me because I can`t take my AR15 pistol, which I usually use for home defense, with me. Are semi-automatic shotguns legal in California? I did not mention them in this organizational chart? What happens if I have a collapsible tree on my M4? It does not have a removable magazine because it uses a tube magazine. Think about it, guys. Seek advice from a practicing lawyer who is competent in firearms law. You can contact the GM if you wish. So, before I give you my thoughts, again, this is NOT LEGAL ADVICE – the following thoughts are easy to consider. I am not a practising lawyer and I do not intend to be. If you are looking for legal advice, clarification on the law or other discussions about the law, DO NOT CONTACT ME for this clarification or further discussion – contact a competent lawyer who is familiar with gun law to help you clarify anything you need to clarify or have a discussion with – I am not the person for you for that clarification or discussion. The common opinion is that if you hold the stock, it is no longer foldable/telescopic.

Hi r/CAguns, maybe I`ll be moving to California for work in the near future. I decided to leave almost all my weapons in the free state where I live, as most of them would be banned as “offensive weapons” and would not be worth trying castration. I also plan to be in California for just a few years. However, I still want to have a gun for home defense. Nothing in the law says that you can have the shaft as long as it is fixed in a fixed position and a tool to remove the spindle is needed to make an adjustment. And I`m worried about people who agree with the public opinion on this issue, and they might be navigating life with a potential crime in their gun office. OP, if I moved to California, I would bring a few dozen AR gun sinks. If you decide you don`t need them for future projects, you`ll probably have to sell them. We must therefore look at point A of the definition to come to a conclusion on this law.

Belted firearms are subject to all assault weapons laws. In California, there are belted weapons that are not in an offensive weapon configuration. And I confess, I myself can be a little confused with everything I see and hear, because there is a lot of contradictory information and with this gun store, store and transport Benelli M4 shotguns with a pinned tree, and if that`s the case, Benelli has to send M4 shotguns in this configuration to California. Remember, if your Benelli M4 has both a folding/telescopic shaft and a pistol grip, this is an offensive weapon for me (and it seems the law agrees). California has different definitions of “offensive weapons,” but the ones for you are found in Section 30515 of the Penal Code. That is the case. It has one of those foldables for which the M4 are known. I guess it`s considered a no-go? But I understand that the pens that people use are actually removable, so you can use a tool to remove the pen, adjust the rod to a different position, and then reinsert the pen.

FTFY. The list applies regardless of whether you are making purchases inside or outside the state. But before you join conventional wisdom, think about it. Is this stock really worth it? Are AR15 pistols banned because they are technically a handgun with the magazine on the outside of the pistol handle? I also understand that the continued ban on magazines only applies to magazines purchased by a person who lives in the state during the stay, and that you still cannot use the magazines in a firearm. Something on the subject, but are half-cars lined with belts banned as offensive weapons? I did not mention them in the organizational chart I mentioned above. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much, but I came to some conclusions about this law and the Benelli M4 with a pinned tree and whether it complies with California`s assault weapons ban, which bans foldable trees on a semi-automatic shotgun, and I decided that I myself have nothing to do with pinning sticks and that I myself don`t want to have anything to do with Helping Others Pin stocks, because I`m a California resident and a gun enthusiast myself, and I love my freedom and right to carry guns — and I don`t want that to be compromised. And I recognize that I think I could be 100% wrong. I can live with that. I`d much rather live with it than live by helping other people commit crimes or helping others feel good and/or justify a potential crime. Well, this could be true if removing the pen destroyed the stock and made it useless and worthless.

Here`s the definition of a shotgun that is considered an “assault weapon” under the CA AWB: Every folding tree I`ve ever seen for the Benelli M4 has a pistol grip.