Best Employment Law Barrister

“The employment team is skillfully led by Callum Stebbing, who has truly grown and thrived in this role; and he is cleverly supported by Sam Cooper. They`re always at hand, they`re fast and responsive, and they`re very solution-oriented – and they really work with customers to make the process as seamless as possible. “11KBW is the number one employment lawyer in London – undoubtedly the whole with the largest group of excellent lawyers. Essex Court Chambers` “high quality employment practice” includes cross-border team referrals, compensation disputes, complex bonus issues, restrictive agreements and confidential information, as well as whistleblowing and discrimination complaints. Recent highlights include Andrew Hochhauser KC`s representation of plaintiff Nadja Swarovski-Adams, general partner and general manager of Swarovski`s crystal production business, to the Daniel Swarovski Group, the case involving direct discrimination based on sex, equal pay, harassment and victimization of claims. Daniel Oudkerk KC represented F1 engineer Ben Hodgkinson, who has moved from a role as head of mechanical engineering at Mercedes-Benz High Performance Powertrains to a similar role in the powertrain of rivals Red Bull Racing. In Richard Baker Harrison Ltd v. Brooks et al., 2022 Silk Appointment Edward Brown KC successfully acted on behalf of the plaintiff against incumbent and former officers regarding the misuse of confidential information and breach of the duty of loyalty. Paul Clarke, the head of labour affairs, is considered “very approachable”. Never let yourself down when it comes to the availability of advice, even in the short term.

The expertise of the entire employment team is already something. Kings Chambers` labour lawyers are dedicated to finding effective solutions for all of our clients. We are very sensitive to the needs of companies for clear, commercial and practical advice in an area where regulation and legislation are developing repeatedly and exponentially. We provide labour law services in all regions and vigorously defend the rights of workers of all statuses, whether they are workers in the workshop or managers of multinational conglomerates. The job group of `3PB is fantastic. All the lawyers I have appointed from 3PB have been excellent, knowledgeable and offer practical advice to all clients. The set can always suggest a lawyer of the appropriate level and experience to handle a case, and lawyers are available to help even on short notice. The team also carries out non-contentious drafting in all facets of labour law, including employment contracts, collective agreements, restrictive agreements, compromise agreements and subcontracting agreements. 3PB`s lawyers act for applicants and respondents across the full range of employment matters.

The ensemble has particular expertise in the work of the public sector in the fields of municipalities, education and health, as well as in issues related to transport and technology in the private sector. Lee Cutler is the embodiment of what you`d expect from a law clerk – always available, always responsive, and always someone who can find a way to make things work. Working with Lucy Barbet is also great, while Hannah Rayner provides great service and quick answers. “Up there with the best job silks. His analytical skills are second to none and he is not afraid of an uphill battle. “11KBW is one of the best job opportunities, with high-level people at all levels. Each guest would be better advised to go there before one of the other work rooms. “It`s a great set. They have extensive experience in the employment team and there is always someone available. Chambers of Nigel Poole KC “is a focal point for labour issues”. James Boyd leads the labor department with a national practice and he primarily handles cases for employers.

More recently, he successfully acted for a home care provider in whistleblowing complaints against him in connection with an alleged lack of PSA during the Covid-19 pandemic. Rosie Kight also has a strong practice and acts on behalf of defendants and plaintiffs in breach of contract and discrimination claims. “Littleton Chambers has the best lawyer in the workforce.” “Simply one of the best in terms of employment.” Congratulations to Daniel Brown, a lawyer specializing in labor law and discrimination specializing in 3PB (photo here), for his co-optation to the administrative committee of the Labour Law Bar Association (ELBA). Daniel represents individuals, companies and other organizations in judicial, judicial and professional regulatory/disciplinary proceedings. Daniel has particular expertise in the healthcare sector and has advised and represented professionals such as doctors, nurses and midwives, as well as NHS trusts, regulators and care homes. ELBA was founded in 1994, the Association of the Bar of Labour Law. “42BR has a number of consultants with excellent work experience and expertise; and a common theme is the practical and useful approach of the consultant. “9 St John Chambers has had a good mix of lawyers at different levels over the past decade.