Bicimoto Legal Argentina

Article 5: Each court must have, through its municipalities, a register of bicycles in which the complete personal data of the owner of the vehicle are stored. Brand, frame number and engine of the Bicimoto. For its specific identification, the owner receives patent plates provided by the municipality to be installed in the vehicle, and the owner must bear the cost. The data of these patents must be recorded with the data previously required. Article 7 Instruct the Executive Division, set penalties and/or fines, and also arrange for abductions and other legal advice if necessary. With the explosion of alternative mobility, not only more and more bicycles and folding bikes are starting to see on the streets of Buenos Aires, but also other forms of hybrid transport such as “bicimotos” – which are common bikes on which a motor is installed. Users adopt them for their practicality and to move around at low cost. Electric bike. There is a more ecological alternative: the electric bike. There are very few in Cordoba. In his Facebook group you will find instructions on how to handle helmets, fireproof vests and beacons. Excursions “Bicimotoqueros” to places like Tigre, Luján or Chascomús are also organized.

“You drove two hours by car and 19 hours by `bicimoto`,” he said, adding that “we don`t want to have a motorcycle, and the bikers respect us for the way we treat ourselves.” In his, he claims to carry turn signals, beacons and saddlebags with tools and a first aid kit. As he is a fan of Velez, he painted it blue and white and also called it “Buby” in honor of his grandfather, “who was a naval engineer and also had a cruise ship in the same colors.” From the city government, they warn that there is no law that regulates them, so they cannot be punished, for example, for speeding. “There are two shortcomings in `Bicimotos`: in local and national regulations, as they are not certified by the Argentine Institute of Standardization and Certification [IRAM]. Ideally, they should be regulated at the national level and then adapted to the transit order,” Buenos Aires Secretary of State for Transport Guillermo Dietrich told NACION. In return, he clarified that “Bicimotos” cannot circulate on bike paths. “To date, only those who don`t have an engine can do it,” he explained. Although they are less seen, there are also female users. Andrea Cardozo lives in San Justo and travels to Buenos Aires to play ball. As the engine can be decoupled from the clutch, it enters the field. “After the game, when I run out of power, I come back with the engine on. The `Bicimoto` has more legs than the regular bike,” he said. They have been around for decades.

In 1950, Ernesto “Che” Guevara visited 12 Argentine provinces and cycled 4,500 kilometers with a Micrón Garelli engine. Article 4: Motorcyclists must comply with certain special rules, such as: The one who dedicates himself to the agreement is precisely Federico Palamara, owner of Motorkit, a workshop specialized in the arrangement of “bicimotos”. His Villa Luro store has been one of the pioneers in introducing powertrain kits from China, although it has stopped selling them in recent years due to import barriers, he explained. He said most of his clients are “hard-working people who need to move faster than with a pedal.” The most common arrangements are similar to those of a motorcycle: lubrication of the chain, engine or carburetor, or clutch control. The price of a “Bicimoto” varies from 3500 to 5000 US dollars, and the displacement of the engine can vary from 48 to 65 cc. Article 6: Traffic requirements a- The vehicle must be registered in the municipal register of Bicimotos referred to in the previous article. b- Owners of bicimotos must have at least valid liability insurance. The group of bike racks is gathered in the Plaza de la Intendencia. Julio Roberto (21) cleans the spark plug on Juan`s bike. Ricardo Moyano (60) gives advice on what the problem might be. Juan kicks a few times, but doesn`t start. “We can`t control them because there is no legal framework.

It`s not a bike or a motorcycle,” says Pablo Farías, director of the Transit Institute of the Municipality of Cordoba. At an extraordinary meeting, the Municipal Councils of Lezama unanimously adopted Decree No. 450 (which we publish below), which defines the rules of bicycle traffic in the city. According to the approved rules, the inevitable happened, half motorcycles, half motorcycles were no longer seen. One “bicimoto” user is Julian Steffens, 31, who travels daily from Flores to work in the San Cristobal neighborhood. He bought it in 2009 and two years later founded the Bicimotor Club, a group that has more than 4000 followers on Facebook. The principle of the club, he said, is “respect”: “You have to take the most important precautions of the highway code, as if it were a car or a motorcycle. We are two wheels, a few pipes and nothing else.

Anarchic. Due to the noise, they attract attention on the street. And also from the authorities. But for now, they are in a legal vacuum. As it is a motor vehicle, it should be patented in accordance with national regulations. But the lack of a serial number on the engines makes this impossible. Damián García, 42, lives in Villa Luro, is an actor and also works in an office in the congress area. Seven years ago, he saw a “Bicimoto” on the street and bought one online. “I solved the problem of transfers to the center because I avoid the car and parking. I arrive in 40 minutes and leave them in the office yard,” he said. With the “bicimoto”, you also spend less than in the car.

“A drum of super naphtha mixed with oil keeps me for a week and costs me about 60 or 70 pesos,” he said. Although he also admitted: “It would be good if you applied for registration, patent or insurance, because if something happens to you today, you are not protected.” As a major drawback, bicycles in Argentina do not meet certain safety parameters. They are not very stable, so it is important to handle them with a helmet. Vehicles that reach 55 km / h must have a more powerful braking system, a horn, headlights and rear turn signals, items that were not originally sold, so the user must add them himself. It is important to note that one of the biggest challenges when using bicycles in Argentina is your own responsibility to improve your safety and that of your environment. Using engines between 35 and 48 cc, the motorcycles are located just below the displacement that would turn them into a moped and are outside the regulations in force. The lack of regulation is one of the reasons why many choose them, but it is also where their risks come from. Below we will tell you some advantages and disadvantages of this curious vehicle that is gaining followers day after day. It is defined as “Bicimoto” for the two-wheeled vehicle with human traction of the one who uses it, and which is also equipped with an engine of up to 49 cc displacement. Article 2: The minimum age to drive “Bicimotos” is 16 years. The driving license for this type of vehicle is the same as for mopeds. Minors to apply for a license must be authorized by their parents, guardians or legal representatives.

Article 3: Security conditions. Specified vehicles shall meet the following minimum requirements: (a) have provided a bell or acoustic signal on the handlebars that warns them to be moving. b) A headlight powered by a dynamo or LED headlight and capable of illuminating at a distance of at least ten meters.- c) Have a red reflector at the rear visible at a distance of at least one hundred (100) meters. (d) Have a system of brakes, standing or portable, or both, permanent, safe and effective, actuated on the rear and front wheels. (e) it must not travel at a speed exceeding 30 kilometres per hour; (f) The wearing of an approved helmet is mandatory. (g) It shall have rear-view mirrors on both sides of the handlebars and fenders on both wheels. Juan Manuel Rivera (28) lowered his bike with his hands. The small 48 cubic centimeter engine is turned off. “It was full,” he says. There are still no laws regulating and certifying this type of shooting. One of the problems involved is insurance, where it is not always clear what type of insurance the user should use, nor for bikes adapted to their characteristics.

Currently, motorcycle insurance does not include them, but there are bike insurance policies that you can turn to to help you in case of liability and theft. This boom stems in part from a legal vacuum. The “bicimoteros” circulate without a patent or driver`s license. No one can control them. Gabriel doesn`t use it much. “Just to walk around with my brother and Ricardo (his neighbor). We go to the mountains,” he says. But Julio gets to work on a bike.

“I`ve had it for a year. He must have two thousand kilometers,” he says. Federico Cuenca, 28, has also travelled to work with the “bicimoto”, but only uses it in his spare time. “Due to the vibration of more than one bike, the wells are felt, the frame wears out more and so do the brakes.