Black Law Firms in Rustenburg

As a black-owned law firm, we uphold the values of a democratic South Africa, striving to be the best and laying the foundation for the next generation of black lawyers to build on. Ndlovu, one of South Africa`s leading black-owned law firms with extensive expertise in both the public and private sectors, concludes: “As a black-owned law firm, our goal is to be the best of a new type of legal practice and lay the foundation on which the next generation of black lawyers can build. We are more focused than ever on our goal of becoming one of the best law firms in South Africa. GPL is an international network of globally accredited real estate law firms that facilitate the implementation of the international real estate revolution over the next decade. Our members operate throughout South Africa and internationally, so varoius` specialist lawyers can provide you with specific information. Click here for more information De Vries Shields Chiat Incorporated (DSC), a law firm specializing in personal injury in Cape Town, was established on May 1, 2004 when the three law firms De Vries (Cape Town) Inc., Henry Shields Chiat and Mostert and Bosman (Cape Town Partnership) merged. Our services include: Medical Malpractice Motor Vehicle. Click here for more information MNS Attorneys is one of the leading black-owned law firms in South Africa. Mncedisi Ndlovu and Tshiamo Sedumedi founded MNS in 2002 and have grown it into a highly respected and infallible professional law firm with extensive expertise in both the public and private sectors. We are a black law firm that offers a full range of legal services. Our firm offers the following: From day one, our company has strived to make our clients` business our exclusive priority. This has allowed our company to experience and continue to experience unprecedented growth.

We offer a variety of services, for example (criminal and civil proceedings, recoveries, deceased persons. Click here for more information BDB Attorneys is an exceptionally unique law firm based in Vereeniging that offers a variety of services at affordable prices. A thriving passion for the law and our justice system has allowed BDB Attorneys to be recognized for its client-centric approach, which goes beyond the ordinary. Click here for more information on how MNS has engaged and strengthened the community around them At Wiese & Wiese Inc Attorneys, we are constantly testing the limitations of traditional methods of exercising rights while maintaining efficiency and exceptional service levels in the most cost-effective way. We understand the importance of building long-term relationships with our customers, and we deal. Click here for more information Van Staden Avocats is an enterprising and dynamic law firm focused on divorce, family law, criminal law and management company law. In addition, we can also advise clients on the structuring of their firearms licenses and provide incentives for submission to th. Click here for more information Andrew Miller and Associates combines years of experience with a forward-thinking philosophy to ensure it is up to date with an ever-changing legal and corporate climate. Who are we? Andrew Miller and Associates is an established boutique law firm that provides professional services. Click here for more information.

CMM Avocats is a dynamic law firm that strives to give personal attention to each client. Our office is located in Vanderbijlpark and we have consulting facilities in Johannesburg. CMM is involved in transfer and litigation cases across South Africa. Click here for more information Welcome to BJ Erasmus Pieterse Rechtsanwälte – Labour law is our passion. We are small enough to provide you with a cost-effective personalized service, but it is sized enough to provide the professional service you deserve. We offer a full range of services to improve our clients` platforms. Click here for more information Gerhard Barnard Rechtsanwälte are real estate lawyers, developers and divorce lawyers. We are ideally sized and configured to provide our clients with the highest quality service, regardless of the complexity of the legal issue.

Transfer of ownership The right of transfer and ownership covers a wide field. Click here for more information MNS Attorneys believes that as a successful law firm, we are not only a part of the community, but also have an obligation to give back to their disadvantaged members. “Our clients often say that the lasting impression of MNS Avocats is our professionalism, hard work and dedication of our team,” says Ndlovu. As a business law firm, focus heavily on the needs of our clients and their respective businesses. Our clients need a quick response, appropriate advice and innovative legal solutions based on a comprehensive understanding of their individual business needs. The practice is piling up. Click here for more information Botha Copo`s lawyers specialize in commercial, real estate and corporate law. We are committed to providing excellent and timely customer service within their practice, placing our clients at the forefront of everything we do. This ensures that we focus on the legal requirements of our customers and the need to. Click here for more information. CV Attorneys is a general law firm located in the picturesque town of Somerset West.