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For more details on how to calculate and pay the service premium, see the following infographic: Given the above, the law provided for two dates on which the payment of the service premium must be split. Hello, I would like to know how my premiums will be liquidated when I start working on August 20 of the current year. until December The premium is a legal benefit that also does not apply to self-employed or self-employed workers or to contracts for the provision of services. So, if you are one of the Colombians who fall under this right, consider how it is calculated. Remember that the payment of the premium is semi-annual, so if the employee has been associated with the company throughout the year and has therefore received the corresponding service bonus in the first semester, only 180 days will be used to calculate the service premium in December, since the first semester premium has already been paid. In other words, since the service premium is paid semi-annually, the formula for each semester would be as follows: for employees who have not worked all the time, the calculation of each premium payment must be proportional to the working time worked. The formula for this calculation is as follows: Half-yearly bonus = ((days worked in the last semester)÷180)x (half-yearly minimum wage) This would be the formula for calculating the June and December bonuses if the employee is connected to the entire semester. Legal service bonus = working days of the semester x employee`s salary / 360. Enter your base salary in this interactive calculator and find out how much your company will have to pay you for the service premium. For example, suppose an employee who joined work on August 1, 2020 with a salary of $1,000,000 and is to receive the second semester bonus. The bonus is a wage or social benefit granted to formal workers in Colombia that is equivalent to a monthly minimum wage (or 30 days of minimum wage) per year.

The premium is paid in two instalments: one in the middle of the year maximum on June 30 and equivalent to 15 working days and another at the end of the maximum year on December 20 (known as the Christmas bonus) and corresponds to an additional 15 working days. Hello, I wish you could help me with something, the bonus must be cancelled by law, including transportation subsidy, vacation overtime, etc. Thank you and have a good day First of all, remember that the service bonus is equal to one month`s salary for each year of work or is proportional if the employee has worked for less than a year, for example, if the employment contract has already started and the year begins or ends. The formula is as follows: after entering©certain data, you will request a registration to send the form with billing. Important for people who manage domestic workers©and respect the law when it comes to paying them their social benefits. Available in Remember that in addition to salary, an employee who is officially associated with a company receives benefits such as Social Security payment, Arl, membership in the compensation fund, holidays, severance pay, and the legal service bonus. At Actualícese, we prepare for you this handy calculator to help you determine the value of an employee`s bonus. In this case, the worker has been in the company for 5 months, that is, 150 days. It is important to note that even if the service bonus must be paid on December 20, it will be paid no later than December 31, unless the employee retires before December 31, in which case it will be liquidated until the day the employment contract is processed. However, if the employee has not worked for a semester on the day of payment of the service premium, a calculation must be made in proportion to the working time worked according to the formula already known.

It is This legal obligation refers to Article 360 of the Labour Code (CST) and consists of the payment of 30 working days for each year carried out. However, if the time is shorter, the value of the service premium is calculated in relation to the time worked. It should be noted that since the service premium must be paid in two instalments, the respective calculation is carried out every six months. That is, if the worker has worked for six months, he must multiply his basic salary by 180 days and divide it into 360 days to know the final result. As we mentioned earlier, the service bonus is equivalent to one month`s salary for each year of work. In addition, the service premium is paid in two instalments, one on June 30 and the other no later than December 20, so that each payment is equivalent to half a salary. However, if an employee`s contract ends and the employer has not fulfilled his legal economic obligations, the employer may apply for the moratorium indemnity referred to in article 65 of the CST. It should be noted that anyone with an employment contract benefits from this legal economic obligation. That is, employees who are legally bound and who have all the benefits within a company can benefit from this bonus.

The service bonus is a payment that an officially affiliated employee receives and is equivalent to a monthly salary paid in two months: June and December. To understand this, let`s say a $1,200,000 worker who worked all year. In such a case, it corresponds to a bonus that corresponds exactly to one month`s salary, that is, 1,200,000 US dollars, so according to the formula we must achieve exactly this result: all employers are obliged to pay the service premium to their employees. Here we explain what it is and how you can calculate it. The legal premium for services is one of the most expected payments of workers who are formally linked to a company, money that arrives precisely in©a few cases of greater economic emergency: in June and December of each year±. For more information, see Personal finance. The User only has to enter the date from which the Service Reward will be invoiced, for example from 1 August to the date on which it will be invoiced, for example 31 August. December, and Excel automatically determines the days to be invoiced via the DIAS360 function, because, as explained earlier, for work purposes, the year has 360 days and the month has 30 days. It is©also very easy to use and provides comprehensive information for the user. It does not require prior registration, but only asks for additional information such as money©, registration date, completion date and salary. The result is a complete accounting of what an employee should receive in the event of termination of their contract with the company. For more information, see It should be remembered that since July 2016, Law 1788 stipulates that employers who hire people to work from home must pay them a service premium, which was not the case in previous years.

“Before the reform, only employees of a fixed-term company were entitled to the payment of the bonus. Now every worker, regardless of the type of link and the time of the services, must receive them,” says jaramillo. Related: How long is there a deadline to hand over the June 2021 bonus? Thus, since the implementation of this law, all types of workers – including domestic workers – must receive a bonus. The measure also applies to family service drivers, workers for days or farm workers who were not entitled under the law not to provide their services to a business. HOW THE PREMIUM VALUE IS CALCULATED The formula for calculating the value you should receive when paying the premium is simple. As this remuneration is paid semi-annually, invoices must be issued for 180 working days. The basic salary must be taken, multiplied by the time worked, that is, 180, and divided into 360.In case of someone who provides cleaning services once a week, the premium that must be paid is 59,363 pesos, based on the minimum wage. In this case, the calculation is as follows: the daily wage of $29,260 (result of the division of $877,803 / 30) is added to the daily transportation assistance of $3,428 (result of the division of $102,853 / 30), then multiplied by 4.33 (weeks having one month) and divided by 2, since the bonus corresponds to 15 days per semester. The same procedure can be performed by adjusting the working days and daily salary of each employee. For example, if the person works three days a week, the initial amount of the daily wage added to the transportation assistance must be multiplied by 12 (days they work per month). On the other hand, Jaramillo ensures that the employee benefits from the payment of this incentive to the extent that the person earns 14 salaries per year as a result. “In addition to the 12 months that have been worked, there is also the payment of severance pay and bonus,” he explains.

Another doubt that arises when receiving the bonus is how to invest it, and according to experts, most Colombians spend it on needs that arise during the holiday season in which they are delivered. A service bonus is a monthly salary for each year worked that an employer must pay to its employees (including domestic workers).