Can a Jp Certify Documents in Another Language

All police stations are able to perform the functions of a JP. Some pharmacists may be able to certify documents and testify to affidavits, but may charge a fee. A Justice of the Peace (JP) provides an independent, objective and impartial witness to documents used for official legal purposes, such as: “I solemnly and sincerely declare that the attached document referred to as Appendix A is a true and correct printed version of the same document available/issued online. I printed the documents labeled attached on the ” Advance Diversity Services is hosting a free Justice of the Peace (JP) service at its Rockdale office Friday morning to help people with the documents they need to testify and/or certify. Copy your documents as an exact copy. We cannot make photocopies for you. We are not able to sign documents as witnesses if we cannot understand what we are signing. If you need a signature for a document in another language, please check “Find a JP” to use the services of a JP who understands the language of the document. A JP can testify and certify a number of legal documents (as follows). We are able to confirm that a document is an exact copy of the original document if it is in a language other than English. An affidavit is a written statement that can be used as evidence in court proceedings. A person making an affidavit must promise to tell the truth in the presence of a licensed witness. Are you interested in making an appointment with a justice of the peace? Here`s all you need to know: Here`s a good example of what you could write about such an affidavit: An affidavit is a written statement that a person declares true in the presence of an authorized witness.

Various organizations often require information to be provided to them in an affidavit. No, a JP cannot provide the services of a notary. A list of notaries can be found here. You can get more information about where and when your local JP is available and where on the same website linked above. If it is a double-page document (such as a driver`s license, university certificate, bank card or birth certificate), the photocopy must have both sides on a single sheet of paper. Yes. It is important to get organized, because the JP give their time to help you. We can only do this in a few cases – it depends on the situation. Please do not be offended if we are not able to do so.

Jp`s operates throughout the state and is at your disposal to meet your legal requirements. The best way to find a JP is to do a search on the Department of Justice website. JP works either in a document signing station, a police station or in private practice by appointment. Victorian legislation does not allow a document taken online to be certified as an authentic copy. Please note that you will need to pay for the services of a notary and will need to inquire about fees before making an appointment. As mentioned earlier, YPs are volunteers, so there is no cost to you with their service. For this reason, we ask you to be polite, to prepare before meeting your JP. If you need to certify a document online, we recommend that you print the certified document, then complete an affidavit stating that the print is a faithful copy of the online original and attach the document as an attachment. Complete the contents of the affidavit or affidavit before attending the appointment. Do not sign the document. The signature must be made in the presence of the justice of the peace (JP).

You will need to present an ID (for example, a driver`s license or passport) so that the JP can confirm your identity. Organizations sometimes accept a certified copy of a document instead of the original. This avoids requiring a person to submit the original of a valuable document such as a birth certificate or academic qualification by mail or template. All PJs make their time available and cannot charge for their services. Some of these steps can make the experience smoother for you and the JP. JP volunteers play an important role in the New South Wales legal system and provide a valuable service to the community.