Mete Definition Pronunciation

Politicians who break the rules should be treated equally. The Arlington County Superintendent does not want a civilian group to have the power to investigate police conduct and impose disciplinary measures. From Middle English meten, Old English metan (“to measure, inferior, mark, compare, estimate; pass, cross”), from Proto-Indo-Indo-Indo-European *metaną (“to measure”), from Proto-Indo-European *med- (“to measure, to consider”). Related to Scottish mete (“to measure”), Frisian Sater meete (“to measure”), West Frisian mjitte (“to measure”), Dutch meten (“to measure”), German to measure (“measure”), Swedish mäta (“to measure”), Latin modus (“to limit, measure, aim”), Ancient Greek μεδίμνος (medímnos, “to measure, bushel”), Ancient Greek μέδεσθαι (medesthai, “to care”), Old Greek միտ (with, “spirit”). From Middle English mete, borrowed from Old French mete (“border, boundary”), from Latin mēta (“post, door, marker”). Related to the second element of Old English wullmod (“distaff”). Navarro fears that the powerful Flores family may do justice to their own nature. Nan ancre seruant ne ahte bi rihte to easkin iset bute mete ha mei flutte bi; Ant Milce. This includes 11 countries where death is the punishment for those convicted of homosexuality and other “crimes” of sexual and gender nonconformity.

From Old French mete (“border, simply”), from Latin mēta. More to mete. Poshmark began accepting applications from eligible sellers Thursday for the second round of the company`s Heart and Hustle Fund, a $500,000 prize pool that the platform plans to spend this summer. In fact, Uncle Frank must make an effort to remember that we will compete again. Another word often used interchangeably with mete is dole, although there are slight differences in meaning: dole suggests a more wasteful and thoughtless form of activity than the more stingy and controlled mete, and although some beautiful things (such as compassion or love) can be “distributed”, it is very rare for something pleasant or happy to be “distributed”. In “The Taming of the Shrew,” Petruchio calls the tailor`s court his court. Nothing would be more unworthy of this nation than with a wicked and mechanical rule to unfold the splendor of the crown. mete (comparative plus mete, superlative plus mete) For this reason, Google has decided to slowly fill out the “invitations” to its new Google Voice phone service. From Old English mete (“to eat”) (also encountered, mett, from which come the forms with a short vowel). More to meat. For by whatever judgment you judge, you will be judged; and what measure you do yourself justice, it will again be measured against you.

When you “distribute” something (the word is usually followed by “out”), it means that you are distributing it in very carefully measured quantities. Anyone who lives their love is probably not someone you want to have a relationship with. Womankind has long known that style can be used as a weapon to deal with mental anguish. The stories are ideal for short journeys, and the collection will appeal to senectitude listeners as long as they enjoy justice rendered with joyful malice. A company that has a fair clause policy “must demonstrate that the discipline imposed on a particular worker was proportionate to the alleged thing they did wrong,” DeCarava said. From Old English ġemǣte (“suitable, to meet”), from Proto-Germanic *mētijaz, a variant of *mētiz. More to the meeting. Probably related to Ternate mote (“to follow”). From the old French meter, from the Latin mittō, mittere (“to send”).

Middle English, Old English metan; similar to Old High German mezzan, modus measure Latin, Greek medesthai to note From Saint Dominican Creole French mete, from French put (“fix, attract”).