Mills Oakley Legal 500

“Senior Partner Simon De Young is always available and has an incredibly deep knowledge of our business and the legal and business needs involved. He and the team are a pleasure to work with, and we rely on his insight and direction to ensure we deliver what is needed for the business. After many years of collaboration and building expertise in the field, Mills Oakley took the step in January 2021 to create its own not-for-profit law firm dedicated to supporting the missing link. This firm, known as Everyday Justice, is comprised of lawyers with extensive experience in the field of social justice, as well as volunteer articling students who wish to pursue legal careers in social justice and public interest law. Everyday Justice operates from all Mills Oakley offices across Australia, with local MO staff and partners complementing the Everyday Justice team with their own expertise and mentorship. Everyday Justice has developed a specialized model where eligible clients can receive free legal services through the use of technology, regardless of location, making the service fully accessible to people living in regional, rural and remote areas, as well as those living in cities. “A smart and knowledgeable group that understands the business side of what we do – not just the legal side.” “This is one of the few law firms where young lawyers are well cared for and deliver high-quality and timely work under the guidance of their supervising partners. “The Hamilton Locke team seems to have a slightly different DNA than other law firms, with a real focus on specialized commercial legal advice. The technical production is excellent and the ability to quickly identify what the problems are and the best way to approach them in a commercial and realistic way. Every member of the company I`m introduced to is easy to work with and seems to really enjoy the customer service aspect of the role, not just the technical component. “Daniel White – as the leader of this busy firm, Daniel is always available in his team and in all concerns. His advice is second to none: business acumen, pragmatic and legal. “Hamilton Locke offers practical advice that is straight to the point and timely.

For a company that works with early-stage start-ups, Hamilton Locke has allowed us to manage external legal fees in a cost-effective manner. “Corresponds to exceptional knowledge of technology, intellectual property and cross-border transactions. Empathy shows us the speed and anticipation of potential conflicts and provides legal constructs to resolve them. We appreciated the diversity of the team and the speed. “Extensive experience in the resource sector and a deep understanding of critical issues. This is particularly important in the legal interpretation of joint venture agreements and the protection of one`s own interests. “We trust Ashurst with our most complex regulatory requirements and they consistently deliver great results. “Simon is an accomplished lawyer. It gives confidence and clarity to the company in a complex environment and does so with serenity and a balanced and balanced approach to the subject while offering optionality when possible. The term “missing heater” describes the growing number of low- and middle-income people in Australia who are not eligible for means-tested legal aid but cannot afford a private lawyer. In order to gain access to the legal system, the missing link often has to make a difficult choice between experiencing significant financial hardship, representing himself or failing to assert his legitimate legal rights.

“My experience has been exceptionally good. I often notice that the right levels of service are such that you have to wonder why anyone else would use. Essentially, it reflects your employees and value for money. And your turnaround time to respond to service requests exceeds anything I`ve seen in my 50 years dealing with the professions as a professional or business manager in the legal or accounting professions. Clarendon Lawyers is a business law firm specializing in mergers and acquisitions and ECM. We are experts in public and private mergers and acquisitions, ECM, private equity and venture capital, commercial dispute resolution, real estate law and general corporate and commercial law. “Stuart Lewin leads a strong team of insolvency and litigation counsel, from partners to partners. A very strong legal and commercial lawyer for his clients.

Well supported by a quality team. “Christine Fleer is the partner I have worked with who has done a great job providing legal advice and contributing beyond legal advice by helping to advise on the consequences of certain decisions and initiating processes and thinking strategies. She handed me out to other people who were thinking about the transaction we were working on. Our clients benefit from our many years of experience, exceptional legal knowledge and skills, strong project management, efficient negotiation and responsiveness. With Clarendon Lawyers, our clients know they are getting the best legal advice – a team of dedicated and experienced lawyers represents them. “Shaun Clyne has a wealth of business knowledge that gives him a very commercial perspective on all legal matters. He has a strong ability to clearly articulate the most important issues in each situation and to give balanced and informed advice on how best to deal with them. “Niro Ananda is the unusual combination of excellent technical legal skills, but is able to apply them in a wider business context to solve problems in often very creative ways.” “A senior-oriented team, always available, collaborative and extremely pragmatic in its legal approach.” “Hamilton Locke`s lawyers are proactive in communicating and anticipating potential legal issues.