Ministry of Legal Affairs Payment Portal

This communication is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Thank you for the feedback and we are glad you had a good experience with our online payment system. If you email us screenshots of the error messages you saw when you tried to email the receipt, we can troubleshoot and fix the problem. You can pay for your applications and documents through our online payment gateway. A detailed explanation of how to make a payment through our online payment gateway can be found in the video below. Companies Act, c. 81:01, provides that any corporation registered in the Commercial Register of the Registrar shall file an annual return (“the Return”) containing the required disclosures with the Registrar within thirty (30) days after the anniversary of the incorporation, continuance or amalgamation of the corporation. Therefore, for simplicity, reference is made to the “Registrar” on this website. The Commercial Register (“the Register”) is a division of the Department of the Registrar General (“RGD”). The Registry is administered directly by the Registrar General. That was great.

Simple, fast and convenient. The only problem is that I couldn`t email myself the receipt or leave a comment. There were numerical error messages, but we did not say what was wrong. Otherwise it was great! The Registrar General is the Registrar General of Business Names under the Business Names Registration Act, c. 82:85, and the Registrar General of Newspapers under the Newspapers Act, c. 20:01. The Registrar General is also the Registrar of Societies for the purposes of the Companies Act, c. 81:01. They should seek appropriate professional advice and support if necessary; The Department of the Registrar General cannot give such advice.