Registro De La Reserva Legal En Bolivia

Companies of any kind may also agree to the establishment of appropriate and prudent special reserves in accordance with prudent management. The percentage, limit and destination are agreed by the partners or by shareholders` meetings. Article 170: (FAILURE TO JUSTIFY RESERVATIONS). The directors, directors and trustees are jointly and severally liable for non-compliance with the provisions of the first part of the preceding article and, where applicable, are obliged to provide the company with an amount equal to the unconstituted reserve, which may repeat against the partners the amount unduly distributed. Are savings and credit unions obliged to build up the legal reserve up to 50% of their paid-up capital? Adjustment of asset reserves based on the dry UFV. For the constitution of the legal reserve of accumulated results, the details can be correct or can be taken into account, in other words, Article 169 of the Commercial Code stipulates that in the case of SA and SRL, the legal reserve must be at least 5% on liquid and actual profits. 169.- (LEGAL RESERVE). In the case of joint-stock companies, a reserve of at least five per cent of the actual and liquid profit generated must be established, up to half of the paid-up capital, unless otherwise provided by special laws. The reserve must be built up with the profits made before its distribution, if it has decreased for any reason.

(Art. 347 HGB). This structure is due to the fact that the corporation tax (EUI) corresponds to the expenditure, but in the Bolivian case, the EUI is not deductible (DS 24051). Then we can use the following structure to simplify the exposure in the income statement: Secondly, the constitution of this reserve must also be reflected in the articles of association of companies and limited liability companies. If the reserve is calculated on net profit, we need to clarify whether this is done before or after tax. and the entry for restatement at the end of each management for the previous cumulative: Although it is obvious at first glance that liquid profit is the result once taxes are deducted, it is important to make some clarifications to reach this conclusion. The legal reserve in Bolivia is one of the obligations that FUNDEMPRESA requires for companies. The percentage of application is at least 5% for companies and limited liability companies until they reach 50% of their paid-up capital.

Thank you doctor, really your site saves me from a lot. Congratulations to the administrators of this site for the great benefit they give us. Dear Walter, no, this must be the result of management in accordance with the standard. created by the Bolivian Commercial Code, Law 14379. Article 169 states: The structure of the profit and loss account is generally as follows: There is another regulation for financial institutions. Law 1488 (art. 26) stipulates that for this type of company, the minimum percentage is 10% up to 50% of the paid-up capital. Unlike politicians in this country who steal, there are other people who do noble things, do research, create ideas, etc.

Legal reserve formation, 5% of net profit, s/g Art. 169 of Law 14379 and Statute of the Company.