Wr450 Street Legal Alberta

So stay tuned Bro`. By the middle of next week, I should have an answer. yay or not to wr450 road-ability I`m in the middle of the question you`re asking. the wr450 (`06), which I bought second-hand in Alberta, was “plated” and, according to PO, driveable through public halls to get to his favourite trail areas. So back home here in British Columbia, I go to ICBC in Creston to do the mandatory import or change of ownership, and when the VIN is processed, I get my answer. Which may be NO. So I will always buy the PHEV sticker/plate (a current BC government money theft scheme) that makes the bike “legal” to cross public hiways and maybe ride in the neck collar along the side/right of way on the same hiways. This must be approved or rejected by the local RCMP. BUT if the wine of the bike puts it in a Hiway Licensable (SP) category, then I need it from scratch. DOT tires/rims, L and R signals lit F and R, brake lights and traffic lights at the rear, horn and mirrors, headlights, mufflers reconditioned to kill certain Db. and possibly a compliance inspection at a mechanic or certified inspection depot. and of course basic liability insurance (PL). Is there anything special about the wr450 that gets road approval? I know that after a certain year of biking or something like that, you weren`t able to legalize an off-road motorcycle on the road.

Is this the case with the wr450 or can it still be homologated for the road? I ask the question because while looking at some wr450s on Kijiji, I noticed that most of them said they could be legalized on the street. What made me think they were special in some ways? Is that the case? I also know that the wr450 is a very common bike that can be converted into a superbike. So, can this bike be legalized on the road, or is it the same as all other bikes? What determines whether or not a bike can be legal on the road, as some can? You must be a member to leave a comment.