Xmax Legal Pipe

All Tarmac Exhaust Systems exhaust pipes begin life as 0.035″ thin-walled #304 stainless steel pipe. #304 Stainless steel, a lightweight chromium-nickel austenitic austenitic stainless steel that has low thermal conductivity and resists corrosion even in the harshest environments. TBR then takes this versatile alloy and imbues it with its graduated exhaust technology. The tiered attachment system forces exhaust gases through larger and larger exhaust pipes to get to the muffler. This design creates a vacuum effect that eliminates hot exhaust fumes, allowing your engine to breathe better while increasing power, torque and throttle response. This complete system exhaust features the radical Tarmac silencer and stainless steel tapered manifolds that provide excellent back pressure. Read more You can be notified upon arrival by selecting the hardware option you are interested in and then entering your email address in the box below. Enter your email address below to be notified when this item is available. Get free 2-day shipping and 15+5% RPM cash on this order. Looking for another vehicle? Change vehicle selection How to install a complete exhaust system on a sports motorcycle| On the elevator The carbon fiber sleeve of the Tarmac exhaust consists of carbon fiber with a nominal module of 33 million modules, impregnated with high-temperature resin. The carbon fiber is then vacuum cured to over 100 psi to remove air trapped in the carbon fiber laminate.

TBR uses only thirty-three million module carbon fibers for the Tarmac exhaust due to its strong but lightweight properties. This is a new product that does not enter your email address below to be notified when this item is available. Pre-orders are processed first. The Two Brothers Tarmac exhaust system features a distinctive trapezoidal silencer that stands out from the rest of the TBR exhaust lineup. This unique shape not only increases the tilt angle clearance, but also ensures optimal volume and performance of the internal exhaust gases. The muffler is equipped with CNC machined stainless steel input for seamless fit, billet CNC plug and rivet strips with larger 5/32″ rivets for added strength and durability. In order not to compromise the main lines of the TBR Tarmac exhaust, it has an integrated aluminum exhaust bar without shoulder straps. TBR`s characteristic spiral perforated core, combined with the removable T-Tip insert, offers a muscular and throaty exhaust tone. We`re sorry, but all hardware options for this product are currently out of stock.

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